January 13, 2015

DIY Hardware Hair Elastics

Oh hi, everyone! It's been a while, but I really enjoyed recharging over the holidays and now 2015 has started in full force. Despite the busyness of the new year, I put together a fun project I couldn't wait to make. I saw a set of hairties at Madewell while shopping over the holidays, and loved how the now-basic elastic hairband was accented by a geometric shaped bead-- a hex nut! If you've been reading Thanks, I Made It for a bit now, you know I love using hardware in jewelry and accessories. (Need examples? This bracket pendant, these popular bracelets, and this necklace). Their really easy to make, with only two materials. Plus, these DIY hair elastics look just as cute around your wrist as they do around your ponytail!

Tools and materials:
Fold over elastic, cut in 14 inch pieces
Brass hex nuts 3/8 inch 

Fold a 14 inch piece of elastic in half, and thread the folded end through the hex nut. You might need to push it through with a pencil or other narrow object.

Line up the ends of the elastic so they are even and pull the hex nut to about 4 inches from the fold.

Tie the elastic in a tight knot right next to the hex nut on the folded side of the elastic.

Tie a second knot on the loose end of the elastic, pulling tight so the knot is against the hex nut.

Trim the ends of the elastic.

Make more in your favorite colors! I was in the mood for wintery shades of green and blue when I picked out my colors and love how they look all together. I can't wait to make more to give to friends!


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