January 27, 2015

DIY Delicate Necklace

Perfectly understated, this DIY delicate necklace is easy to make, and I'm so excited to layer the whispy gold chain with a turtleneck or chunky knit sweater. I love the eye-like shape of the navette crystal connector I used here, but you can find them in other cuts, like rectangle, round, or square. The important trick is finding the right size jump rings to go with your chain. I recommend going to a bead store to buy in person to make sure you have sizes that fit with the links of the chain.

Tools and materials:
Jewelry pliers
16 inches of delicate chain, cut in 2 8-inch pieces
4 3mm jump rings (or rings that fit your chain)

Using the small 3mm jump rings, attach a chain to either side of the crystal connector.

On each end, connect the chain to a 5mm jump ring with a 3mm jump ring. Open up one of the 5mm jump rings and close around the loop of the clasp. You're done!


  1. It's beautiful...and you make it sound so simple to do too!! ;)


  2. This is a great DIY! Thanks for sharing!


  3. I love small necklaces, they make the entire outfit complete!

    Bisous, Marye

  4. beautiful! thanks for the tutorial!

  5. Simple but beautiful! And it is easy to make one.


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