November 4, 2014

DIY Layered Chain Necklace

After spying this Kenneth Jay Lane necklace, I knew it would be perfect for an easy but big-impact DIY necklace project. The steps are really simple-- just attach mixed lengths of chain together with jump rings-- and the result is an elegant necklace that's perfect for fall and the upcoming holiday season.

Tools and materials:
10mm chain, cut in three pieces: 18 inches, 10 inches, and 9 inches
Jewelry pliers
6 jump rings (I used 7mm, which worked but were a little small, so I recommend larger, like 10mm)

To assemble the necklace, use a jump ring attach one end of the 10 inch chain to the longest chain, 4 inches from the end of the long chain. Attach on the other ends, again at 4 inches down from the end of the long chain. Attach to the 9 inch chain to the 10 inch chain with a jump ring, 1 inch from the end of the 10 inch chain. Repeat on the other side of the 9 inch chain. Complete the necklace by attaching the jump rings and clasp to either end of the necklace. You're done!


  1. That layered look has an interesting look and feel to it

  2. easy DIY and it goes great with many outfit! i just made a leather bracelet, check it out :)
    xx nic


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