November 25, 2014

DIY Jump Ring Bracelets

Every holiday season I like to make a batch of bracelets in easily customized colors. Last week I shared some inspiration for DIY bracelets, and decided the jump ring bracelet was the perfect use for materials I had. You could use whatever cord you have in your stash, but I chose some silk rattail cord.  Only needing two materials and no tools (only scissors to cut the cord), this project is incredibly easy!

Tools and materials
16 inches of cord or more to fit your wrist
7mm jump rings

String the jump rings on to the cord. Knot on either side of the row of rings to center in the middle of the cord.

Tie one end of the cord around the other end in a knot that slides along the second cord.

Repeat with the second cord tied in a knot around the first, creating sliding knots.

Knot and trim the ends of the cords.

Repeat to make in more colors!


  1. This is a great idea for friends for Christmas!

  2. Muy muy sencillas y bonitas.Besos


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