November 18, 2014

DIY Around the World: Portugal

I love that blogging gives us the amazing opportunity to connect with people across the global over shared interests, like DIY! I'm channeling my international interests into posts about DIY in other parts of the world, and hope you love learning about the growing global DIY community as much as I do. (Find previous installments here!) Today, we're headed to Portugal with the charming DIY blogger, Daniela of Curly Made.

Daniela wearing her DIY chain necklace makeover

Where do you live? What is your city like?
I live in Lagos, a small seaside city in Algarve, Portugal, known for the great weather and amazing beaches that attract tourists from all over the world, especially in the summer.

Where do you shop for craft supplies and what is that like? What kinds of stores do you go to?
I like to upcycle materials whenever a project allows me to, but I do love to shop for craft supplies and my collection keeps getting bigger every time. There are some great small craft stores for sewing and knitting supplies in my town but whenever I need something for jewelry making I have go to Portimão, the nearest town, to get it.

 Leather goods at Make Biju in Portimão

Are there challenges about DIYing in Portugal?
The only challenge I can think of is finding the supplies. I much rather buy the materials in hand, instead of ordering online. But there are always alternative supplies and different ways to archive the same result.

Sewing store Costureta & Converseta in Lagos

Is do-it-yourself or crafting popular in Portugal? What kinds of crafts or techniques are popular?
Crafts have become more popular over the years, and some shops started to open and making workshops. There are still not many young people interested in it yet, they think it's old fashioned or too much of a work, but with such a variety of creative and alternative ideas on the web, this idea is changing and attracting people from all ages. I think the most popular crafts here are decoupage, knitting and sewing.

DIY Minimal Bar Earrings (one of my favorites!)

Where do you find inspiration for what you make? Do you find inspiration in your town?
My inspiration comes from a bunch of places, either magazines, internet or those amazing earrings that actress on tv is wearing, and whenever there is a craft fair in my town, I like to go there and see what other people are creating.

Any other thoughts about DIY?
I love how you can leave your personal touch and style to every project you create, it makes every item even more special and unique. This is also why I like to give handmade presents to my friends and family, even if it is just something simple it is still worth more than if it was store bought.

Make Biju in Portimão

Thanks so much, Daniela! Visit her blog Curly Made and keep up with her crafting by following her on Bloglovin. If you're a DIY blogger outside the US and would like to share a DIY around the world post, let me know in the comments below! 

All photos by Daniela of Curly Made.


  1. I now want to live in Portugal! ;)

  2. ME!!!!!!
    I'm a Mexican DIYer, check out my blog here:


  3. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Hey, I am just starting, but I would love to share, too!! I am from Perú:

  4. I love this idea! Its so cool to see how people all over are creating their own unique things :)


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