October 21, 2014

DIY Double Pearl Earrings

Last week, I rounded up a few pairs of double earrings earrings that update the classic pearl stud with a hanging back. Here's my DIY version! The earring is basically a sandwich of the pearl, your ear lobe, the hanging pearl, and finally the earring back. You could change up this tutorial by connecting the loop on the hanging pearl to the earring back, for a bit more dangle, but I prefer how this way the back keeps the hanging pearl a bit more snug to your ear for these delicate DIY double pearl earrings.

You can interchange the hanging pearl with stud earrings you already have or make. I can't wait to pair the pearls with my favorite gold pyramid studs (similar style here). Also, last week Veva from My White Idea (remember her DIY Around the World post?) shared a double pearl earring tutorial too! I love how she cleverly put hers together for a bold style.

Tools and materials:
4 half drilled pearls
2 ear pads and backs
2 eye pins (I used a thicker 21 gauge to fit in the hole in the pearls)
Strong jewelry or super glue
Wire cutters
Jewelry pliers

1) Glue a pearl to each of the earring pads and let dry. 2) Bend the eye pin at 1/4 inch down from the top of the loop of the eye pin.

3) Clip the eye pin with the wire cutters, just shy of 1/8 inch from the bend in the eye pin. 4) Add a drop of glue to the back of a pearl (some should get in the half-drilled hole) and put the end of the eye pin in the hole. For extra security, you can add a tiny dab of glue to the eye pin at the back of the pearl.

5) Repeat for the second earring. Let earrings dry according to the glue's directions.

To wear, after putting on the stud part of the earring, add the hanging pearl to the post behind your ear lobe. Then, add the earring back.


  1. Beautiful earrings! We adore handmade jewels at ARTopoiein jewels!

  2. Your earrings are simply amazing!
    Thanks so much for your lovely words, you are so kind!



  3. So simple, but such a cool technique! love it!

  4. Simply beautiful and cool and chic and modern!!!


  5. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Really pretty. Please consider posting pictures of your jewelry on a model. I really enjoy seeing the jewelry on a real person - you can judge size, position, etc that way.

  6. these are cool! I made a tutorial on some too, they look a whole lot different though. If you'd like to see them : http://gemnem.blogspot.nl/2014/09/diy-backdrop-earring.html


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