September 26, 2014

DIY Tassel Necklace

Hi friends! Here's part two of the project we started on Tuesday. Now that you know how to make tassels for all sorts of jewelry projects, let's put them to use in a new DIY necklace! 
Tools and materials:
Wire clippers and jewelry pliers
End caps
Chain (how much will depend on the size of your tassel. I used 9 inches per tassel)
Eye pins
Clasp and jump rings

Make as many tassels as your pretty little heart desires. (Or, as many as you have chain for!)

Cut a long piece of chain for your necklace. I went with 24 inches, but you can play with the length to find whatever suits you. Use your pliers to open up the loop at the top of the tassel, then close around the chain.

Start the first tassel at the center of the long chain, adding the additional tassels evenly spaced on either side.

To finish the necklace, add the jump ring and clasp to either end of the chain.

That's it! I love the movement the tassels creates and the sleek all gold look. Happy making!


  1. Great idea make tassels with chain!
    The result is amazing and you also can make earrings or bracelets!


  2. Cute! What a great idea :-)
    - Marie //

  3. love the tassels, defenitly gonna make one! :D

  4. Love this necklace! the handmade tassels are the perfect touch :)

  5. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Nice! :) just did a tassel DIY for my blog today too! But a bracelet instd :)


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