September 9, 2014

DIY Knot Bracelet

Guys, it's been forever! I took a bit of an unannounced on-and-off hiatus this summer, and am so grateful for those of you who didn't click unfollow and are here today. During this busy, busy summer (graduating from my master's program! starting a new job! setting up a new classroom! plus, a big, exciting project!) I needed to press pause on a few things and focus my attention on others. Now that the dust has settled, I'm looking forward to getting back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Despite what the calendar and Starbucks' PSLs might tell us, but last week it was hot as ever here in D.C. and autumn is hard to imagine. I'm holding on to these last moments of summer, squeezing one last wear out of my favorite summer pieces before the temperature suddenly drops, including things like this new DIY knot bracelet! Using up some rope I had around, I was inspired by this Sabrina Dehoff bracelet to use jump rings for a bit of polish on a basic knot bracelet. (I really like the simple two rope style, but if you want a multi-strand version, Inspiration&Realisation has got you covered with this tutorial!)

Tools and materials:
18 inches of rope, cut in two 9 inch pieces
Barrel cord ends
2 large jump rings (fits around two strands of rope)
2 medium jump rings
Jewelry pliers
Super glue
Plus, scissors and masking tape

 Connect the smaller jump rings and clasp to the barrel cord ends.

Make the knot by folding each rope in half, then slide the loop of the rope on the right through the other. Feed the ends of the rope on the right through its loop and pull tight.

Add the large jump rings around the rope, on either side of the knot.

Trim the ends of the rope to size. To keep the ends uniform and prevent unraveling, wrap the rope with masking tape before you cut and cut through the tape and rope. Add glue to each of the cord ends, then slide the ropes into the cord ends. Let dry according to glue directions (don't fasten the bracelet just yet-- doing so will pull the ends off before the glue dries).

Pop it on your wrist and enjoy those last days of summer!


  1. I love the result!
    This rope is so beautiful

    Veva MWI

  2. This is really pretty!! I have to do it myself like right now!

    Love from Mx,

  3. Pretty! I'm glad you are back, love your tuts. Congrats on your graduation and your new job, looking fw to the big exciting project!! :)

  4. Great idea and the result looks so cute!
    Love from France

  5. This looks so pretty!!! I love DIY jewelery

  6. Super simple and very trendy! I like it :)

  7. Great came back!
    Love this bracelet so much!

  8. I like that you used a colourful rope. It looks really stylish and fun in the same time and it looks really easy to do.

  9. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Welcome back! :) love this project :)

  10. you have been featured in my September Favorite Blog Posts ♥


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