July 31, 2014

DIY Fishbone Earrings

As promised, here's my DIY using fishbone chain! While you may have seen some DIY projects of fishbone earrings (like these) and fishbone bracelets wrapped with thread and string (like this one) from other crafters, I like to think these earrings are a fun combination of the two. Add a swingy tassel and you've got a great pair of summer earrings!

Tools and Materials:
Embroidery thread
Jewelry pliers 

Cut a piece of the fishbone chain. Tie an 8 to 10 inch piece of embroidery thread halfway to the top of the chain. Wrap the thread in between the "ribs" of the chain.

Pull the thread through the last link of the chain, then loop through the chain but leave the string loose.

Cut another piece of embroidery thread and knot tightly around the loop. Trim to make a tassel. If you want to make the knot extra secure, seal with a dab of glue or clear nail polish. Repeat to make a second wrapped earring.

Open up the loops of the ear hooks with the pliers, then close around the top link of the earrings.



  1. OMG!!!! these are really cute and easy to DIY, congrats =)
    Check out my way to incorporate tassels into earrings here: http://lilasirena.blogspot.mx/2014/05/diy-tassel-earrings.html

    I am a true fan of your blog, please let me know what you think of my work.

    Love from MX,

  2. Thanks so much for the shoutout! I absolutely looooove these, the tassel is the best and I really love the turquoise thread. I know what I'll be doing with my fishbone chain!
    xo ~ Lia | Smart n Snazzy

  3. So cute....you make it look very simple to make :)

  4. The length of your earrings is perfect! Great DIY!
    I like the fishbone chain so much, but couldn't find any in germany... :( Thanks for the link to artbeads.com.


  5. What a great idea - nice and simple, but huge impact. Very cool! Plus, I love the color you used.


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