July 14, 2014

Denim Shirt PSA

Ever since my jean folding days at the Gap during college, I've been obsessed with denim. I was so excited to buy my first chambray shirt with my employee discount, and felt so effortless, cool, and (importantly) comfortable every time I wore it. Never mind that my then-boyfriend said once I looked like Rosie the Riveter. It was the shirt I reached for again and again when I didn't know what else to wear.

Years later, I sent that shirt through the wash with a red scarf, resulting a splotchy red dye all over my favorite shirt. Tears were shed, but I didn't throw it away-- it still hangs in my closet out of sentimental attachment. I replaced it with Madewell's perfect chambray ex-boyfriend shirt and have happily loved the new shirt almost as much as the first. That brings us to today's public service announcement. The same shirt is on sale at Madewell with an extra 40% off, sale ending today. Run, don't walk!

Image for inspiration on styling a denim shirt from my pinterest board devoted to denim!

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  1. Denim is a girl's best friend! Looove that shirt xx



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