June 24, 2014

DIY Tube and Bead Necklace

Here's an easy project for you! I impulsively picked up this metal tube a bead shop not long ago, and knew I'd find a way to use it eventually. I had the idea of this silhouette from a necklace I saw somewhere online, and it was an easy DIY combining some basic materials you might have on hand, like cord and a few plain beads. Less than 5 minutes of making and you've got yourself an original, fun DIY necklace!

Tools and materials
Leather cord
Jewelry wire
Jump rings
Jewelry pliers
Metal tube (like here)
Fold over ends

The steps were really simple, and I love how they can be open to variation with the layout and position of the beads. 1) Cut a piece of wire an inch or so longer than your metal tube. Make a loop on one end of the wire with the round nose pliers. 2) Slide onto through tube, then clip the wire to about 1 centimeter longer than the tube. 3) Curl the other end of the wire (still in the tube) into a loop. 4) Add the beads to the cord, then thread each end of the cord through the wire loops. 5) Fold the cord ends over each end of the cord. 6) Add rings and clasp. Happy making!

(PS-- in this project, the humble cord fold over end strikes again! Check them out in this bracelet and these earrings. Definitely worth the purchase, and a great multi-use item to have in your jewelry making kit!)


  1. Oh, that's such a nice and easy thing to make! Do they sell those tubes in most beadshops? Or are they rare and hard to find? :)

    And btw, I really like your blog!

  2. Such a cute necklace!

    I found these earrings on this blog (http://ennui.se/?p=175) and I immediately asked the owner how she made them. Turns out she bought them in a second hand store though, so now I'm wondering if you've possibly seen anything like these in the world of DIY? Maybe even a tutorial?


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