June 10, 2014

DIY Summer Earrings

Summer calls for bright colors, and I'm loving the combination of these two-- a minty turquoise with cheery yellow! I made these earrings after seeing this pair from Anthropologie. It's not necessarily a knock off, but those colors together sent me to whip up a new pair of DIY earrings using some things I had stashed away. 

Tools and materials
Sew-on jewels (similar here)
Seed beads
Beading string
Fold-over cord ends
Ear wires
Super glue
Jewelry pliers

1. Cut a piece of beading string, and thread through sew-on holes of the jewel. String on some of the seed beads.

2.Tie the string into a knot. (PS-- if you use stretchy bead string, try a surgeons knot!)

3. Trim the ends, and tuck the knot out of sight in a bead.

4. Open up the side of the fold-over cord end, and add a drop of glue.

5. Attach to the back of the jewel and let dry.

6. Open up the loop on the ear wire, and connect to the loop at the top of the earring. Repeat steps for the second earring, and enjoy!


  1. So cute and perfect for the summer!


  2. I love the technique you used for attaching the yellow beads to the cabochon! Simply genius! And how gorgeous are those mint stones?!
    xo ~ Lia | Smart n Snazzy

  3. These are so cute! This method seems like it could be used to do so much, I can't wait to try some out. Thanks for sharing!


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