May 9, 2014

DIY Organization Inspiration: Printer's Trays

No matter what's your poison, if you're a crafter the odds are that you struggle with storing and organizing supplies. Not too long ago I found a letterpress tray in my family's basement, so I've been checking out ideas for how to use it. What would you store in your tray? Beads, sequins, thread, washi tape, trims... check out all of the above finding a home in a repurposed type tray.



  1. That first image is so beautiful!

  2. OMG! So pretty! Perfect for me and my all things :)

  3. Lovely ideas. Thanks for sharing. We are using mason jars and our old sewing boxes (;
    Best regards.

  4. They're called "California Job Cases" and the different sizes of each compartment correspond to how often that particular letter is used in the English language...for example, lowercase "e" is used the most so the space for the e's is the biggest. I have one hanging in our living room that I repainted with all the letters but I never thought about using it to store things...I might have to buy some more job cases! xox

  5. Great idea! cutlery trays would work nearly just as well maybe :)

  6. i use a mix of different things because my supplies are vast. i use the good old fashioned parts organizers that men usually use in their garages, i use vintage ball jars, a vintage card catalog type thing, and i have these large trays that came from a catering company that have the dividers for different chocolates and they work great for separating small parts. a type tray is the one thing i don't have but have always been on the lookout for at the thrift stores.


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