May 14, 2014

DIY Braided Spike Bracelet

This year I've been trying really hard (and doing pretty well, I might add!) to not buy too much new stuff for my DIY projects. I realize that might not be possible for everyone who wants to make one of my DIYs-- almost every crafter is a craft hoarder (hence my posts on storage and organization), but not everyone is going to have a stash of supplies like mine. That said, I'm still pretty darn proud how I've come up with ways to use what I've got for new projects. For this project, I used up some of my gigantic pile of embroidery thread and bag full of spike charms left over from this DIY necklace project for a new DIY bracelet that is perfect for summer.

Tools and materials:
Spike charms (similar available here)
Embroidery thread (I used four colors)
Jump rings and clasp
Jewelry pliers

Unravel the skeins to and combine the colors to form three bundles of thread each 14 inches long. Save a single piece of thread 24 inches long. The thickness of the braid is up to you. I used the amount of thread shown above, and had thread leftover.

Braid the three bundles together. Before knotting the loose end, slide the needle onto the remain thread, add the end of the loose thread to the end of the braid, and tie together as you tie up the braid so the threaded needle is knotted to the braid.

Trim the ends.

Slide a charm onto the needle and thread, and push the needle through the braid, sewing the charm onto the braid. 

Repeat for the remaining charms, adding a charm with each stitch. Space the stitches and charms evening along the braid.

Once the spikes are sewn onto the braid, tie the thread onto the big knot and push through the knot. Cut off the excess thread and needle.

Using the pliers, attach the jump rings and clasp to form a closure.


  1. This looks really cute! I'm just wondering if the ends of the bracelet aren't going to start to get messy, since it's just embroidery thread.

  2. Easy and beautiful!
    What else can I want?



  3. What fun, vibrant bracelet! Plus, D.I.Y?! Kudos! (:

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist, foodie, & writer’s blog in development.

  4. Beautiful! It looks designer.


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