May 5, 2014

DIY Bracelet to Necklace

About a year ago, I posted one of Thanks, I Made It's most popular tutorials yet, DIY Hardware Store Bracelets. I still wear my bracelets often, especially now in warmer weather as my wardrobe lightens and brightens up. However, I got to playing around with some of my jewelry materials, and I thought the bracelet base would make a fun necklace.

I converted my original DIY bracelet by removing the original clasp, attaching either end of the bracelet to a length of chain with the original jump rings. I used some snake chain I had on hand, but you could use any kind you wanted. Play with the lengths for a longer or shorter necklace, and add your choice of clasp. It's up to you-- customization is the key to DIY!


  1. It is as beautiful as a bracelet than as a necklace!



  2. Gorgeous! I love the copper and turquoise together. x

  3. Great Idea&Loving the colour turquoise at the moment! X

  4. Great job! Looks really nice.

  5. This is awesome Erin! Lately I've also been repurposing my previous DIYs or other jewelry I own.


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