May 16, 2014

DIY Around the World: Spain

In my offline life, I'm wrapping up my final semester of graduate school (so close, yet so far!) for my master's degree in international education. Since I was a kid, I've always want to learn about how different countries and cultures approach the same general idea, and have decided to channel that interest into a post about DIY in other parts of the world. In case you missed it, previously we visited the rhinestone capital of South Korea with Allison, got a look at Birmingham's Rag Market with Fran in the UK, and now we have Veva showing us her hometown of Vigo, Spain. 

Spain has no shortage of talented DIY bloggers, and one of my favorites is Veva's blog, My White Idea. The name for her site comes from starting with a blank sheet of paper and beginning to draw-- as she says, without a pencil and blank piece of paper nothing would be possible. Read on to find out where she draws inspiration for her creative projects.

 Veva and her cat, Wai, wearing a DIY bow

Vigo, Spain

Where do you live? What is your city like?
Vigo is a coastal city in Galicia (Spain), is a city with lots of charm. You have the beach and the mountains a 10 minute drive from the downtown. The beaches have white sand and crystal clear water, so it is known as "the Galician's California" or "Galifornia." It is also well known for the Cies Islands, a paradise 20 minutes away by boat.

Where do you shop for craft supplies and what is that process like? What kind of shops or stores do you go to? 
I usually buy in local stores, because I love to see the supplies in first person, but sometimes I must to buy online, because there are some supplies I can't find an my town. In Spain there are a lot of haberdashery and fabric stores with a lot of materials, and if you don't have a clear idea what you need, you will going crazy with all the supplies!

Are there challenges about DIYing in the Spain?
I don't think so, you can find a lot of materials and DIY culture is growing up very quickly! There are a lot of bead stores with workshops, or events for learn new techniques. At the same time, in Spanish blogs you can find great people who help you without asking for nothing!

Beads at a local store, Ingara Abalorios

Are certain supplies easier or harder to find?
It is difficult to find American materials, like E6000 glue, Sharpie markers, special supplies, etc..., but you can find similar materials in Spain. I think is very easy to find are wool and fabrics because in Spain there are many manufacturers.

Is do-it-yourself or crafting popular in the Spain? What kinds of crafts or techniques are popular? 
DIY is very popular, especially sewing and knitting. A few months ago a TV series named "The Time Between Seams" was very successful and sales of sewing machines in Spain tripled! Right now is very fashionable the "loomi bandz" [known as "Rainbow Loom" in the US], and if you go children's parks, children, instead of being on the swings, are making rainbow bracelets with rubbers!

Learning Kumihomo at a bead store

Where do you find inspiration for what you make? Do you find inspiration in your town?
I find inspiration everywhere, in TV, magazines, the street... When I see a girl wearing something I like for a DIY, I ask her if I can take a picture, and everyone has agreed! And sometimes, I take some photos like a paparazzi. : ) Also I find a lot of inspiration in Instagram.

Any other thoughts about DIY?
For me, DIY is my means of escape, when I'm doing some DIY, I forget everything, it relaxes me a lot and the satisfaction of making things with your hands is the best sensation. If I can make something with my hands I don't buy it! 

Thanks so much, Veva! Be sure to visit her blog and keep up with her on Bloglovin'If you're a DIY blogger outside the US and would like to share a DIY around the world post, let me know in the comments below! 


  1. Thanks so much for your lovely words!
    I hope you finish well your semester and If you visit Spain, you have a house in Vigo ;)



  2. I've been saying OMG for the last 10 minutes.
    I'm from Vigo and I certainly didn't see this coming.
    (I didn't know about Veva's blog...Does that make me a bad Viguesa?)

  3. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Great way to find out about new international diy blogs! Look forward to reading more :)


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