March 20, 2014

Storage and Studios VIII

Who doesn't love #craftsorganizedneatly? Or not so neatly, since there's beauty in the mess-- that's the work in progress! So which camp are you in? Everything in its place? Or let the chaos inspire you?


  1. I wish so much that I was "everything in it's place", because that's were I feel calm...but as I don't have nearly enough room for all my stuff, chaos is probably more accurate..!

  2. This made me laugh. I am one of these people who would love to be organized and I admire people who are, but somehow I ended up in the other camp :-)

  3. I would love to have a space like this, and even more, have time to do jewelry, i love it....

  4. i'm definitely more of an everything in it's place person when it comes to my studio space. when things get too chaotic i notice it halts my creativity and i can't focus until everything is organized again.


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