March 26, 2014

DIY Leather Phone Case

I have such a hard time phone cases, mainly because I can't commit on a design that I won't tire of using. Finally, out of desperation, I settled on a cheap case that served me well and kept my phone safe for at least 9 months. However, the decorative fabric on it began to peel off last week, which got me thinking about how I can embellish the old case without having to spend anything. I opted to use a piece of leather leftover from the batch that made this DIY leather business card holder set. It's shiny, durable, and leather, so what more could I ask for? Read on for how I did it.

Tools and materials:
Piece of leather larger than your phone (some metallic leathers here)
Phone case (bonus points if it has a slight lip or rim around the edge)
Tracing paper (or parchment paper)
Strong glue

Pop the case off of the phone, and trace around it with the paper and pen.

Cut out tracing, and transfer to the leather to use to guide you as you cut out the leather. Trim the leather, if needed, to fit on the case.

Make sure it fits the case. Tip-- if you cut it to short, leather can be stretched when wet. Cutting the part around the camera lense can be tricky, so work with making small cuts using the x-acto and scissors.

Glue the leather in place. I used the knife again to help trim and press the leather down into the ridge of the case, cleaning up any of the edges of leather. Let dry completely before using.

Enjoy your swanky new phone!


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