March 28, 2014

DIY Inspiration: Colorful Bracelets

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What, another inspiration post this week? Yes, my friends, because lately the creative juices have been flowing! Since my vacation, I'm very ready to trade drab, dull DC for some of the brighter colors of warm weather and tropical places. In my mission to inject that spice into my wardrobe, I think I'll start with a DIY bracelet. I love the mixed looks of these bracelets, and can't wait to share a new DIY with you on Monday using a surprising material for a similarly eclectic vibe. Until then, have a great weekend!


  1. Love colorful bracelets!
    I have been doing this with rubber with my little son

  2. Thanks for the inspiration photos! Looking forward to your DIY!

  3. Can't wait to see your results! Love all the bright bracelets photos you've shown us :)


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