February 18, 2014

DIY Open Cuff Bracelet

Well, it's been a five day weekend thanks to the snow here in Washington, D.C., which meant relaxation, homework, and cooking up a storm-- a snowstorm, that is! (Side note-- would you ever be interested in occasional recipes here on TIMI?) It also meant time to finally get some DIYs done! I'll be honest with you-- it's been difficult wanting to make the time to create and shoot the step-by-step. Sunny weekend mornings (the best for good photos) have been few and far between this winter, and when the sun does peek out from behind the clouds, I'd rather be out of the house. That aside, I can't leave you all hanging, so I'm back with some new DIYs!

For this project, I used a very simple brass cuff base. The magic here is that you turn it around-- et voilà!-- it's a trendy reverse or open cuff! (See more takes on that trend here.) Two delicate baguette crystals add some easy embellishment, and you've got yourself a five minute project that instantly elevates your wrist wear.

Tools and materials:
Thin brass cuff base
Baguette shaped crystals or rhinestones in settings
Strong jewelry glue

It's as straightforward as adding small drops of glue to the back of the crystals. Make sure they are very small dabs of glue, because you don't want it oozing out after you press the crystals onto the ends of the cuff. Then, let dry completely according to the glue's directions.

PS: More ways to use baguette rhinestones or crystals with this crystal macrame bracelet DIY and vintage-style cuff project


  1. Erin, It´s beautiful! The cuff base is perfect for the rhinestones!
    Great DIY!


  2. Love this! So simple, but just dead on.

  3. They turned out great...I've been looking for some open cuff bracelets to do the same since you posted the inspiration pieces. Where do you find the rinestones? I haven't found any here yet. and Yes to the recipes! I love trying new things, especially when someone has actually tried and tasted them.

  4. I love how simple and elegant this looks!

  5. I really love this! So easy and so elegant, it's beautiful. Hope you're staying warm, and I don't think one can ever have too many recipes! I love finding new recipes so please share away!
    xo ~ Lia | Smart n Snazzy

  6. so cute! and simple to make. very doable!

  7. Beautiful design and an amazing DIY project. This is a perfect beginner project, and there is a ton of different options. I used http://www.rhinestoneshop.com/rhinestone-shapes/baquetts-hearts/, and they have a great selection of different colors and shapes to customize this project even more. Thanks again Erin great post!


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