February 10, 2014

DIY 3 Ways: Heart Garlands

I'm terrible at holiday decorations. Really terrible. I have a hard enough time making my apartment looking put together any other day of the year, let alone decorating for the handful of holidays that seem to dominate Hallmark and online.

However, there was Valentine's Day several years ago when I made a heart garland. Made of simple strips of paper and a stapler, it didn't require any fancy supplies and was easily completed during an evening TV session, the kind of thing that keeps your hands busy and rewards you as the chain of hearts grows longer.

In the spirit of that very easy DIY, here are a few tutorials for that project. Try getting creative with the kind of paper you use, the colors, or pattern for some variety. And spill-- how do you really feel about holiday decorating?


  1. wow that's so cool and cute ! I'll give it a try! ^^

  2. I need to make a garland for my holiday mantel that is so far not holiday-y at all! Thanks :)

  3. I'll probably do it ^^

  4. Such a cute idea. Will definitely be trying this for Valentines decorations.

  5. Super cute heart garland! I need to try this out :)


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