January 28, 2014

DIY Chain Connector Earrings

This isn't really a full-on tutorial, but a look at what I made this weekend, with some links in case you want to do it too! I love when I read something on a blog that sends me running for my tool box, and that was definitely the case with this post from Grace on the Catbird chained to my heart earrings, which introduced me to this DIY from neato bonito. Always a fan of delicate posts, this was just what I was looking for to shake up my earring routine. Details after the jump!

I made a slight modification based on what I had on hand, which I think makes the earring a little more secure than the original DIY. I used earring posts with a ball and ring, which have a loop connected to the earring piece so that when you connect the chain and back it's all one piece, unlike a post that could slide out of the chain. To connect the chain (which has very narrow links), I made my own jump rings using 24 gauge wire that fit through the links. Tip-- wire can often be purchased in smaller quantities from neighborhood bead stores.

Here's what I used, and in the order it's connected:
Earring posts with a ball and ring
24 gauge wire shaped into jump rings
Delicate chain
24 gauge wire shaped into jump rings
Small jump ring
Earring backs


  1. Easy and very cute!


  2. Anonymous8:26 AM

    I was just thinking about making earring similar to these today! Love how simple these are! :)

  3. how simple and chic are these!

  4. these are so simple yet look so beautiful and special! will have to make them, thanks! x

  5. What a wonderful idea, I think adding a small drop would be cool as well.


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