December 2, 2013

DIY Crystal Cluster Earrings

After last week's post on easy DIY earrings for the holidays, I was inspired to make myself a new pair! In my vintage jewelry collection, I have a single screw-on earring of a cluster of rhinestones. I love the look of clustered crystals, so wanted to make a new pair that had a similar style.

I used rhinestones in settings I found at a bead store in Manhattan, and shared links below for ideas to buy online. You can also check out a nearby craft store, and scope out their jewelry making and scrapbooking decals for rhinestones in setting.  Also, if you'd rather skip the making altogether (but why would you?!), I love these Kate Spade earrings!

Tools and Materials:
A tacky, strong glue
Wax paper
Rhinestones in setting  (for other tips on buying rhinestones cheaply, check out this post from Bromeliad)
Earring backs

1) Add a small drop of glue on the waxed paper.
2) Put place crystals in the glue, and allow to dry for at least 20-30 minutes, until the glue is tacky, but the crystals remain in place.
3) Peel the crystals off the wax paper.
4) Add a drop of glue to the earring posts.
5) Stick the posts onto the back of the crystals.
6) Let dry overnight.

I also love these because they are a perfect dose of sparkle for daytime, or an easily pair with a bigger necklace for night. They make a great gift or stocking stuffer too!


  1. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Just beautiful. My first thought was Christmas presents: my second was 'Or they could be for me...' xx

  2. Cool. Thanks for the link, too.

  3. Beautiful job, Erin. They have such a great vintage feel to them, and are so easy to make!
    xo ~ Lia | Smart n Snazzy

  4. These are so pretty!

  5. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Thanks,for the stud earrings ideals.Love the leather hearts and vintage buttons.


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