September 9, 2013

DIYers Guide to Cabochons

I'm back! While I've missed the blog a bit, it's been rejuvenating to take a little break. I really enjoyed spending the week focusing on my new students (so many cute two-year-olds, it's overwhelming) and my grad school classes, but couldn't help myself-- over the weekend I visited my younger sister's new NYC digs, and along the way cooked up a lot of great DIY ideas for the coming months and did some serious supply shopping. It's going to get very sparkly around here!

I wanted to share what's inspiring me lately: Cabochons! Cabs are gemstones (or sometimes glass or plastic) that are smooth and shaped, usually with a raised top and flat back. They come in a lot of different shapes, so I rounded up a few here. To buy, check out Etsy or bead stores like Beadaholique or Fusion Beads.

Cabochons can be glued in place to any surface, but are often set in a bezel, which is the rimmed, metal setting that surrounds and holds the stone. You can usually find bezels where cabochons are sold, just remember to match the sizes and shapes carefully (Fusion Beads makes a very helpful guide to match stones to settings).


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