September 30, 2013

DIY Delicate Layered Necklace

While part of the fun of making and hoarding collecting jewelry is mixing, matching, and layering those pieces yourself, I love jewelry that takes any guesswork out for you. I've always been a fan of the look of layered delicate necklaces (like my favorite TV lady cop), but often the metals and lengths just don't work together. Solution? Make a simple DIY necklace that's already layered!

Tools and materials:
Jewelry pliers
Charms (lots of options on Etsy!)
Delicate chain cut into two pieces, one 15 inches, the other 16 inches (I recommend buying in person at the craft or bead store to make sure you're jump rings and charms fit, but here's an option)-- play with lengths to find the best fit for you
2 small jump rings
2 medium jump rings
Lobster clasp

1) Connect the two pieces of chain to one of the larger jump rings using a small jump ring.
2) Slide the charms onto the chain. 
3) Attach the clasp to the other medium jump ring.
4) Connect the loose ends of the chains to the clasp and medium ring with the last small ring.


Happy making! 


  1. Detective Benson would be so impressed.

  2. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Oh I like this. :-)

  3. Beautiful. Love the simplisity

  4. Simply and classy! Love it~

  5. Does this prevent the chains from tangling? I like wearing layered necklaces but they always get tangled up in each other.

  6. Hi Beth! If tangling is an issue, maybe a clasp or connector like this ( would work?

  7. Hi Erin! This is a great project and I want to make it. I searched for round charms like the ones you used but I only found similar ones. I would love to use the exact same ones you used in the photos. Could you tell me where you found them? Love this project. Thanks!

  8. Simple yet lovely idea! :)


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