August 2, 2013

Inspiration: Wrapped Chain Bracelets

Spotted on sale at Bloomingdales, these bracelets combine the elegance of a classic link bracelet with a punch of playful color. DIYable, wouldn't you say? Try a chunky gold bracelet, rattail cord, and a few dabs of glue!


  1. ilham verici gerçekten.

  2. Great! I have en entire necklace just hanging at home, looking boring...I think this is just the update it needs ;)

  3. Totally DIYable! I love that these have magnets! I always have a problem with lobster clasps on bracelets.. Magnetics make it much easier to take on and off. Just as long as they are strong to not fall off accidentally.

    Do you have any suggestions for where I could get some for future DIYs? (online)

    1. Hi Leah, I found these magnetic ones on amazon. I haven't used them personally, but they look a lot like the ones pictured!

  4. DIYable! Please do one to guide me pleasee, I am so bad at DIYing myself!

    Google + / Twitter / Bloglovin

    with love, Cassandra xx

  5. Cute! I see bracelets like these all the time in thrift stores. This is a great update for what could be kind of an outdated look!


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