August 7, 2013

DIY Wood Bead and Swarovski Bracelet

Remember when I blogged about simple wood bead necklaces? I finally got around to making a bracelet version of the Elizabeth and James necklace! I swapped out the topaz for Swarovski crystals, used up some wood beads I had kicking around, and picked up some vintage disk beads to get the look. Simple and elegant.

Tools and materials:
Swarovski BeCharmed crystal rondelles
12mm wood beads
10 to 12mm black disk beads or flat sequins
Clear stretch beading string
Large needle

Cut a piece of stretch string-- about 2 feet-- and thread through the needle. Begin sliding the beads onto the string. I used 14 of the wood beads, added about 25 of the disk beads, a rondelle, then another 25 black disks.
Once all the beads are strung onto the stretch string, tightly tie the ends of the string together in a double or triple knot. Trim the ends, and voila!


  1. LOVE this chic bracelet, Erin!!

  2. So chic, and I love the different textures. This is simply elegant, very well done! xo ~ Lia

  3. This is the sweetest! Found you through craftgawker cuz your cute project was right around mine! Now I'm a follower!

    1. Thanks! Off to check out your blog now : )

  4. One again, so professional. I now need to look into disk beads.

    1. Thanks! Disk beads are great to work with. Highly recommended!

  5. Great! You know I loved the E&J version— this looks like it could be the real thing :)


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