August 26, 2013

DIY Gold Shorts

So, I didn't make these fun DIY shorts, but my sister did! She saw these fun shorts on Luv AJ's instagram (below) and made her own using gold fabric she got at the craft store, a pair of cutoffs, fabric glue. I love the results and am so proud of my little sis-- she managed to get a finished look without having to break out the needle and thread!

Here's how you make your own:
1. Lay shorts on a flat surface, use tracing paper to outline the pattern for one side of of the shorts, tracing along the pockets, fly, and belt loops.
2. Use the pattern to cut out from gold fabric with a 1/4 inch excess around all sides.
3. Spread an even layer of fabric glue over the shorts, the affix the gold fabric. Be sure to follow the glue's directions. Tuck under and glue the excess fabric, or trim away with scissors.
4. Let dry and set according to the glue directions.


  1. Like EVERYTHING you make- I love it! Going to have to make these and blog about them as well...


  2. Love them!! First I thought they were made with textile paint, but gluing gold fabric result it's even better. Congrats to your sister from Barcelona <3

  3. Wow! She did a fabulous job! I thought for sure it was some sort of paint. It looks flawless, I can't believe it was achieved without sewing!
    xo ~ Lia
    Smart n Snazzy

  4. I'm a DIY lover and I have a section on my blog about DIYs. I have in my closet lots of DIY shorts, and this one of yours is a great idea. I'll try it, because I love the metal touch of the golden on it. Thank for the idea :)

  5. Anonymous10:01 PM

    i would absolutely make this one, if only i could find the right fabric, which is probably just as difficult as finding the finished product version of this DIY shorts. but then again this is such a great idea, and the result turns out great! :)


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