August 21, 2013

DIY Duct Tape Studded Bracelets

Earlier this week I shared some photos of stacked, studded wristwear, now here's how to make your own! Using tape provided by Scotch Colors & Patterns Duct Tape, I found it's easy to mix and match colors, plus the tape is really easy to work with. Find out how to make your own after the jump!

Tools and materials:
Scotch Colors & Patterns Duct Tape (I used hot pink, metallic pink, and black)
Various studs (Lots of options here)
Button studs
Flat pliers
Ruler or tape measure

Use a piece of string or a tape measure to measure around your wrist. If you want your bracelet to wrap around twice, double that length. Add a couple of inches to account for the closure, then cut a strip of tape to that length.

Fold the tape (long-ways) about 1/4 of an inch (or however wide your studs are). Fold a second and third time, and trim away excess tape.

Measure out the spacing for your studs, and mark accordingly.

Begin pressing studs through the tape, and use the pliers to fold down the prongs. Continue for all the other studs.

Once you've studded the entire bracelet, use the scissors to snip a tiny hole for the button stud. Push the screw back through the hole, then screw on the button onto the top side of the bracelet.

Wrap around your wrist, and mark where the other end meets the button stud. Cut another hole, and push over the button stud. Trim away excess tape.

That's it! Stack 'em up, and happy making! Be sure to share this and your other duct tape creations (remember my DIY duct tape clutch?) and find other ideas with Scotch Colors & Patterns on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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This post is a collaboration with Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape. To see more creative projects, visit


  1. These do not look like they're made from duck tape! Such a great job, Erin! xo ~ Lia

  2. i like the pink double wrap one! great idea to use duct tape for these!


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