August 14, 2013

DIY Crimp Bead Bracelet

I posted on Facebook this DIY bracelet I made in minutes a few weeks ago, but am so in love with the results I put together a tutorial to share. I love layering them together or with other bracelets, and have worn mine nearly everyday since making them! 

With a crimp bead acting as an easy slide closure, they're a simple way to use up leftover embroidery thread, which I have in abundance after making scores of these DIY hardware store bracelets. Come to think of it, the crimp beads (used as an easy alternative to normal beads-- just don't squish 'em!) are a lot like a miniature version of the compression sleeves in the other bracelets!

Tools and materials:
Small piece of thin wire

1) Cut a piece of embroidery thread about 24 inches long. Double in half, and knot together the ends. Hook the thin wire around the looped end and pinch closed, making a makeshift needle. 
2) Thread the crimp beads over the wire and onto the string. 
3) Add 18-20 crimp beads. 
4) Make sure to push one of the beads all the way down to the knot.
5) Slide the wire through the second to last bead on the thread, and pull the looped end of the string through the bead.
6) Add a final bead and determine how big the bracelet needs to be to fit over your hand by pulling the end beads toward the slide bead and trying the bracelet on.
7) Knot the looped end of the thread and trim the ends of the bracelets.

To expand the bracelet to fit over your wrist, simply pull the strings of the main loop apart and tighten by pulling on the loose ends.

There are lots of ways to play with this one: crimping the beads to create different patterns or placements, weaving the beads and thread... have fun making and wearing these! Be sure to share on Twitter, Instagram (@thanksimadeit), or Facebook if you do.


  1. these are cute and easy! thanks for sharing!

  2. I love DIY's like these! So easy, cheap and still nice to look at :)

  3. such a lovely DIY! love it!

  4. I love how easy and cute this is!!

  5. Such a nice idea; thanks for the tutorial!

  6. I love how easy this is! And those colors are dainty!

  7. A great idea for using up scraps! I have so many!

  8. So cute! I will have to make some of these with my daughter!

  9. cute! i'll have to make a couple of these with my daughter later, she'll probably love them!

  10. Anonymous8:42 AM

    I don't usually use crimp beads that are as large as these but somehow I have a supply of them. Now I know exactly what I will do with them. Thank you, thank you!!!!!


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