July 29, 2013

Inspiration: Gemma Redux Earrings

Aren't these earrings from Gemma Redux fun? I honestly can't decide my favorite pair. I'm having quite the color crush on lapis right now, always love a good blush pink, and you can't go wrong with a classic combination of crystal and gold. I'm inspired by the trapeze-like silhouette, and can't wait to show you my version!


  1. they're gorgeous!love the gold with white ones!

  2. They're lovely! I especially adore the gold and royal blue seeing as though royal blue is my favorite color!

  3. Love these earrings! I can't wait to see where you find the side bar pieces.

  4. Love these, can't wait to see your version!

  5. The lapis ones are beautiful!!

    Alex from www.polkadottedpixels.com

  6. Allison9:59 PM

    ooooh those blue ones are so so pretty


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