July 1, 2013

DIY Raffia Necklace

With this project, I might just finally have raffia out of my system (evidence of my addiction here, here and here). I love this DIY raffia necklace-- it's so playful and summery, plus it's also very simple to make! I used raffia I picked up on Etsy, and the shop owner, Aileen, was kind enough to offer a discount to Thanks, I Made It readers. You have until to July 15th to save 20% off an order of $15 or more using the code IHEARTDIY in her shop, Atoxicdream, and get your craft on!

Tools and materials:
Chain (I used two 7-inch sections of 7mm brass rolo chain)
Rhinestone chain (6mm, 6 inches)
Rhinestone cup chain connectors (I made do with what I had on hand, which were fold over ends)
Super glue (not pictured)

Loop 6 inches pieces of raffia between each rhinestone. 

Once you've added raffia between each rhinestone, go back and loop around the rhinestones to fill out the necklace, leaving the end rhinestones without raffia.

If using a fold over end that's smaller than the rhinestones, open it up with pliers. Otherwise, put a drop of glue on the fold over end or rhinestone connector, and add to the back of the last rhinestones. Press firmly, then let dry.

Once the glue dries, connect the rolo chain to the rhinestone portion of the necklace with jump rings, then attach the clasp with another jump ring. Voila!

Happy making!


  1. WOW, it looks really pretty :)


  2. Love this! Thanks for sharing it :)

  3. Never thought of wearing raffia as jewelry, but this came out lovely! Beautiful work.

  4. Awesome. I'm making a necklace right now with the same knots and little rhinestones. Never thought to knot around a rhinestone chain. Love it.

  5. So easy and it is so pretty! Great job, Erin!

  6. This looks so pretty! And it's even cheap to make. :)

    -Anne's Scribbles and Doodles

  7. It´s amazing!
    great DIY!!!


  8. Love your blog. Always look forward to your DIY posts.

  9. Hello Erin!
    What a wonderful idea. I love the color, so pretty.
    Xo, Elba from live colorful

  10. Seriously love this. I think you got raffia out of your system and transferred it to me.

  11. This is so pretty!

  12. Very cool idea, Love it!

  13. Wow this is such a cool idea, and so simple to make! Great DIY ideas for aspiring jewellery makers. So glad i stumbled upon your blog! Emma @ Beads Jar xo


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