June 20, 2013

Bloglove: June

I love the great response I get for these (almost) monthly posts with blog love and am so happy you like finding and exploring new blogs as much as me. Whether you read others or write your own, I think that's the best part about blogging: there's always more to discover. You may be familiar with these blogs already, but if not, definitely check them out-- I really appreciate their fresh ideas and original DIYs!

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  1. What a sweet surprise Erin!! Did you know Anna from PlanB blog and I are neighbours?? Love life coincidences :)
    I'll have a look to Design Thrift, thanks 4 sharing and big big thanks for featuring!!

  2. Thank you so much!! :) I love your blog and your DIY's!! Such and honor! ;)
    ( so cool you put Marta and me together :P) :D :D

    PS love the blog DESIGN THRIFT !!!

    a n n a · e v e r s

  3. oh my gosh, i'm seriously honored that you chose to share my blog! Thank you so much! It actually inspired me to get with it and post a new DIY today. I'm glad i did. I'm off to go check out the other two blogs. Thanks again! :)
    - Design Thrift


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