May 6, 2013

Thanks, I Made It is Two!

That's right folks, we've hit the hopefully-not-terrible twos here on Thanks, I Made It. Two years ago, I had no idea where this blog would be, or where I'd be, for that matter! I can just picture myself in my old apartment writing my first post (for a laugh, read it here in all it's stream-of-consciousness-pop-culture-references glory).  Somethings have changed (I've moved cities twice) and others are the same (I still professionally craft with small children/teach preschoolers).

I'm pretty proud of how far things have come and have to give a big, ginormous THANK YOU to all of you for reading, for your sweet comments, and for your continued support, because I wouldn't be here if it weren't for all of you.  I'm so glad you like saying, "Thanks, I made it" as much as I do, and cheers to where the future will lead us!

My kind of cupcake (found here)


  1. Happy birthday to Thanks, I Made It!

  2. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Congratulations! You've done a great job in those two years too!

  3. Felicidades y que cumplas muchos mas con tanta creatividad :)

  4. Happy 2nd BDAY and many years to come!



  5. Congrats! That cupcake is awesome!!!!

  6. Happy blog anniversary. Are the gems edible?

  7. Happy anniversary :) I am happy to have found your blog!

  8. Happy blogiversary :) I love your blog!
    Xoxo, Elsa

  9. YAY TIMI! Happy Blogiversary :) Looking forward to all your (continued) awesome posts. Miss you! xox


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