May 7, 2013

Grad Gift: DIY No-Sew Business Card Holder

I really can't think of many other do-it-yourself gifts that say "go forth and conquer the world" more than a DIY business card holder. There are many, many business card case tutorials out there, but one more (in shiny pink leather!) can't hurt, right? I think these would make the perfect quick gift for a new college graduate, like this one I've made for my younger sister (so proud of you, El!). For a special touch, order them some simple contact cards with their information to use in networking for that first job, or stuff inside cash or gift cards.

Tools and materials:
Piece of leather (For a 3.25 x 2.25 inch card, I used this leather that was 4 x 7 inches)
Super glue
Button stud
Craft knife
Card for measuring
Pencil and binder clips (not pictured)

I began by tracing the sample business card onto the wrong side of the leather, placing it so there was equal room on both sides and overlap of the top and bottom when folded like a envelope.

Measure out the halfway point on the bottom half of the leather and mark. Use the craft knife to cut a small hole.

Push the button stud base through the hole and screw on the top piece.

Fold over the top piece, mark where the top overlaps the stud, and mark and cut an "X" in the leather.

The button stud should fit in the top half of the leather, like so. If not, you may need to cut a bigger X. 

Open the case back up and glue along the edges near the tracing of the card.

Fold the bottom half over and press firmly into the glue. Clip in place to dry. Voila! A perfect gift for a new college graduate or to brighten up your own business cards!


  1. have some of the best ideas. This is awesome! Cheers.

  2. Awesome! My sister just got a new job, I am so inspired to make this for her! Thank you for sharing!


    Thanks for sharing.


  4. they are lovely, gorgeous leather, great idea!

  5. oh so darling! I keep putting off ordering new business cards, maybe if I make a bunch of cases... haha

  6. This so so cute, I want one!!!

  7. Congrats to your sister. cute business card holders!


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