May 1, 2013

DIYers Guide To: Jewelry Pliers

Just a little run-down on the pliers I use for my jewelry making. You can get a decently priced starter kit from the craft store and once you have these basics, you'll be set!

In my tool kit, I use:

Chain nose pliers have ends that are rounded on the outside with a flat inside. The inside can be serrated or smooth. While serrated gives you a better grip, they can leave marks on the softer metal you're working with. They are good for bending and gripping wire.

Round nose pliers have smooth, round ends that taper to a point. They are useful for getting into tiny spaces and making loops or rings and you can adjust the size of the loops depending on where you wrap the wire around the ends.

Flat nose pliers I don't use as often, but have smooth, flat jaws. They are used for bending and flattening wire and I find are good for flattening fold-over ends.

Wire clippers or nippers do just what their name suggests. Use these instead of dulling down the blades of your scissors! They come in a variety of angles that will alter the ends of the wire you cut.

Other more specialized styles:

Crimping pliers close crimp beads tightly. While it isn't as fancy or secure, I use my chain nose for the same task.

Split ring pliers help you open those pesky split rings and give your nails a break.


  1. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Can anyone offer any tips on closing jump rings? I've found on a lot of jewelry that I've made, the jump rings are either too difficult to close perfectly, or they become loose, and the elements come apart... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. where are your jewellery pliers from their the prettiest colour i've seen yet?!

  3. I thought they were all the same, whoops! Thanks for the lesson!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. Anonymous2:53 AM

    Very helpful! I've always wondered what the different was!

  5. DIY master must have things! :-)


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