May 13, 2013

DIY Silk + Chain Friendship Bracelet

(DIY hardware store bracelet, Diament circle hook bracelet, and DIY silk friendship bracelet)

If you make a friendship bracelet, do you have to give it to a friend? I'll be giving away one of these pretty silk cord and chain combos to a friend, but definitely will be keeping one for myself!

Ariel Gordon makes loads of pretty, delicate jewelry that I'd love to wear day after day, but the collection of silk friendship bracelets are too easily DIY-ed, especially considering the price tag. If you can braid, you can make it yourself!

Tools and materials:
Silk cord, 2 feet of each of the three colors (I have seen this kind of cord at my local bead store, but also available here online)
2 inches of chain (I used 10mm)
Clasp and jump rings (I used 10mm rings)
Jewelry pliers

How to:
1) Cut the cords into 3 pieces (2 of each color) 12 inches long each.
2) Loop three of the cords through the last link of chain, and keeping each color together, braid the cords about 2 inches. Tie cord into a knot. Repeat with remaining cord on other end of the chain.
3) Add jump rings and clasp to the knots with the pliers. Trim the cord if needed.

If you make this or any other DIY, be sure to share on Twitter or Instagram @thanksimadeit!


  1. Just love these! So great for Summer! I know you used a curb chain, but could you fill us in on the size? Thanks.

    1. Sorry I left that out! I used 10 mm chain, specifically some of this that I had:

  2. The chain and the silk look great together. I made something similar while but with ribbon weaved through the chain :)

  3. OMG!!! I LOVE IT!!!
    I say "Thanks for made it"


  4. Love this for summer and the colors really pop!

  5. i love it!

    I linked to your tutorial on my blog - thanks for sharing!

    ♥, doro von Hand zu Hand


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