May 28, 2013

DIY Rope and Chain Necklace

Hope everyone had a good long weekend! We went back to my home in Ohio for some fun adventures, like a trip to a bourbon distillery, barbecue, and canoeing. Before I left, I made this DIY rope and chain necklace, which was a perfect accessory for a weekend of welcoming in summer. Find out how you can make it too after the jump!

Tools and materials:
19 inches of 12 mm gold curb chain
20 inches of 8mm cotton rope (available at fabric store or here)
Jewelry pliers
Large clasp (the exact kind I used I can't track down online, nor is it the most secure, so I recommend you could use a large lobster clasp and additional jump rings)
Super glue

Slide the 12 mm jump rings onto the rope.

Center the ring in the middle of the rope and the chain, and close the ring through the chain's center link. Note-- the chain is shorter than the rope by 2 inches (to account for the curve of the necklace), so remember to center the chain with a extra inch of rope on either end

Add the rest of the rings, spacing them evenly along the rope and chain. Put glue in the end caps, and press firmly onto the end of the rope. Once the glue is dry, use pliers to open the last link of the chain and attach to the clasp, and attach the end cap with a jump ring. Repeat on the other end of the necklace.


  1. Ok it's official: you're a genius.

    Brittany at DigitallyLUX

  2. This is gorgeous! Erin, you are amazing!

  3. Love it!! will be making this soon!

  4. adorei a DIY, vou comprar o material e tentar fazer o meu!
    Adorei seu blog, sucesso!

    fan page

  5. So simple and so chic, Erin! I love the slight nautical feel to it, such a summer staple. Well done!
    Smart n Snazzy

  6. Anonymous2:30 PM

    This is SO cute! I'm in love with your blog! I've been going through just about every project wanting to make them all!


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