April 10, 2013

Inspiration: 3 Ways to Embellish a Striped Tee

As classic as a simple striped shirt may be, it's fun to set your basic breton apart from the pack with a little customization. Just like the mariner's origins, I've rounded up a few ideas that are très français.

Paint on your own faux logo

Add iron-on letters

Sew on a flower-shaped ruffle in striped fabric


  1. I love the iron on letters. You can also use tee shirt transfer paper and ink jet print it and cut it up into whatever you want.

  2. Coinsidentally I have posted an embelished striped shirt DIY yestereday. plz check it out. http://byebyesoccermom.blogspot.com/2013/04/teyo-inspired-diy-shirt.html

    The girl in the first photo is a beautiful blogger from my homecountry of Georga- Natuka Karkashadze (her blog is Wardrobe Mistress) http://wardrobemistress.blogspot.com/

    I do love the first shirt with painted logo :)


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