April 8, 2013

Guest Post: DIY Isabel Marant Tassel Necklace

After a bit of a tassel bender, I banned myself from making anything more with the swingy do-dads. However, I could help but share a necklace on twitter that I thought just begged for DIY. The sweet Charlotte of Lotts and Lots stepped in, and I'm very excited to showcase her wonderful talents with a tutorial on this DIY Isabel Marant Tassel Necklace. 

Hi it’s Lotts here from Lotts and Lots, for those of you who haven’t “met” me I’m a UK based craft blogger who loves to make jewellery and other such treasures. I’m so excited to be here, sharing a wonderful tassel necklace tutorial with you all today. When Erin tweeted that she couldn’t make this perfectly DIY-able Isabel Marant Necklace due to a tassel ban (its an official crafters problem!), I was more than happy to help out a fellow crafty lady and make this version for her. I made mine in soft spring colours but you could go as bright as you want with real poppy colours. 

Wire cutters
Craft knife

Approx 1.5metres medium chain
Lobster clasp
Connector Chain (optional)
5mm Jump Rings
7mm Jump rings
Coloured Thin Leather
Eye pins
Bead caps
8mm Silver Beads
Strong glue

Step 1.
My coloured leather came in 20cm pieces so I used that as my guide. The silver I already had, so the piece can up a little longer. Using a craft knife cut your leather into strips. For each colourway you’ll need one piece 2cm x 20cm and another 0.5cm x 20cm long. There will be some leather wasted but set to one-side and use for future projects.

Cut your small strips into 4cm lengths. At one end apply a dab of glue, fold your strips so both ends are touching and squeeze tight. Set to one side and leave to dry.

Step 3.
Take your fatter pieces of leather and on the wrong side of the leather mark a 0.5cm line along the longest edge. Cut leather into 4cm strips. Starting from your marked line the leather into 0.5cm strips. Your piece should now looked “fringed”

Step 4.
Take your loops and apply a dab of glue to one side. Position the glue at the very edge of your piece of leather about 1cm into the tassel. Apply a line of glue along the top of your tassel and gently roll. Squeeze tight for a few minutes and leave to dry.

Step 5.
Cut a length of chain 45cm long. Add a lobster clasp to one end and a either a jump ring or connector chain to the other.

Step 6.
Cut your chain lengths as follows:
3 x 12cm
2 x 10cm
2 x 8cm

Step 7.
Starting in the very centre of your necklace fix using a 5cm jump ring one piece of your 12cm chain. Working outwards from the cente fix a piece of chain every 3 links decreasing your chain length each time.

Step 8.
Using and eye pin; thread a bead cap, silver bead then bead cap.  Make a loop to close the pin (cut off any excess length on the eye pin) then fix to the end of each of the long pieces of chain.

Step 9.
Taking a 7mm jump ring thread each tassel onto the beaded part of the chain.

That’s it, now all you need to do is wear and dream of sunny days eating ice-cream along the promenades of the South of France! Thank you so much for having me Erin, it’s been a real pleasure.

Thank YOU, Charlotte! Be sure to check out her lovely blog (one of my favorites) for more DIY and plenty of pretty inspiration.


  1. What a fabtastic post ;-)! Thanks for having me Erin, so glad you like. xx

  2. How beautiful! All about tassels (as evidenced in my post today!), and adore it leather style here. Great DIY!

  3. such a cute little tassel necklace thats so on trend! love it!
    xo, aiyanajane

  4. Fantastico!!!!


  5. This is so cute! And also something I would absolutely wear x


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