April 1, 2013

DIY Jewelry Tray

I scored a couple of leftover, unfinished wood trays after a work event that were the perfect blank canvas for customization. Here's what I did with the first, making it into a velvet-lined jewelry display tray so that my jewels have a equally elegant (but also crafty!) home.

Tools and materials:
A tray or picture frame (unfinished trays can be found at the craft store)
Spray paint, if painting
Black velvet fabric
Foam core
Hot glue gun

Cut the foam core to fit inside the tray, with a 1/2 cm of wiggle room on each side to accomodate the fabric.

Cut the velvet down to the size of the foam core, with an extra inch of overlap on each side.

Tightly wrap the fabric around the foam core and glue in place.

Paint the tray, if desired, and let dry. 

Once everything is dry, put the velvet board in the tray, and glue in place if need be. You can stick pins in the foam core to hang up your jewelry. I love being able to see my finished and in progress projects on display in my work space, like this necklace and these earrings.


  1. This would also be good for people who do craft fairs. When I used to sell my jewelry to stores I would carry velvet covered foam core boards to display pieces for buyers. They held up really well so really like this idea for jewelry display/storage for the home.

  2. Useful and really nice!
    (We also love your Crystal Spike Necklace!)

  3. I'm collecting DIYs for when I finally found a house to move into - this one's great!


  4. Love this, Erin! It looks beautiful and I've been wanting to DIY a velvet jewelry tray to display my pieces! Great job!
    Smart n Snazzy

  5. Nice. I like looking at jewelry even more than I like wearing it.

  6. This is so cool. Love this idea and want to do immediately. Had a minor freakout when I scrolled down to that last pic and saw the jewelry pinned to hang...genius!!! Also obsessing over that necklace.


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