March 20, 2013

DIY Inspiration: Shark Tooth Jewelry

As soon as spring is on our radar, beachy and tropical trends tend to run wild. While I don't suggest puka and cowrie shell jewelry picked up on spring break, something about a gilded shark tooth says summer with sophistication (no coconut tanning oil here). DIYable? I'd say so-- get some glue, gold paint, and shark teeth and let your imagination swim free.

From the likes of designers such as Tom Binns and Dezso by Sara Beltran, here's a hefty dose of inspiration.


  1. If I could actually DIY, I would totally take a stab at this. I love all things shark related.

  2. lovely!!


  3. I love the AURÉLIE BIDERMANN necklace!!

  4. Love the earrings :)
    Fashion & DIYs

  5. Now I finally have an idea for what to do with all those shark tooth necklaces I picked up at SeaWorld etc! Spray paint it gold, put some rhinestones on it, and everything looks chic. Thanks for the inspo!


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