March 1, 2013

DIY 3 Ways: Wood Boxes

Ever wandered into the craft store, looked at the unfinished wood boxes, and thought to yourself, "these would make the perfect canvas for..." only to be unsure how to finish that sentence? Maybe you haven't, but I know I have, and these three DIYs provide great inspiration for what to do.

More organizing DIY 3 Ways posts: mail sorters and acrylic trays.


  1. i looved that malachite DIY - so cool.

  2. OMG love the middle idea & I already have the perfect box to D.I.Y.!

  3. Thank you so much for including my DIY in your post!!!
    I really like the malachite box too, very beautiful ♥
    I think I will try it very soon :)

  4. OOOOO. Love the malachite and agate.

  5. Thanks for sharing my malachite boxes. Loving the other two!


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