March 26, 2013

Can we get real for a second?

First off, let me begin with I am fully aware of how this might sound coming from someone who blogs a lot of knock-off tutorials. However, I do not have celebrity followings or my goods in stores around the country and I think that someone who could afford to buy the $325 necklace actually would, rather than try to make a DIY version for much less. 

But lately, I've noticed a rash of other bloggers posting projects that are uncannily similar to mine. It's gotten to the point where it doesn't feel coincidental anymore. 

I put a lot of heart and energy into "paying it forward" in the blogging community, sharing round-ups of other people's wonderful and unique tutorials, highlighting different blogs with my monthly blog love posts, and more. I do this because I think that there is so much amazing creativity out there that I want to help share and celebrate it. 

When I put so much energy into trying to help spread the love around by promoting other blogs and share with people how I make the things I create (even if I didn't blog, I'd still be making all the time), to be bitten in the ass like this makes it really frustrating.  Why would I want to share original ideas if this were the case? 

In the meantime, I'll still be here, fighting the good fight, but I hope you'll join me in trying to bring back a little integrity to the internet. Learn how to use Pinterest properly, appropriately credit your images and sources, and please, just give credit where credit is due.


  1. i wrote a guest post last year and unfortunately that post along with other posts from that blog AND other blogs were plagiarized by a really well known young adult fiction book blogger. and i have to say the experience while i didn't really get involved, was still really disenchanting.

    i like you am super diligent with citing inspiration and sourcing photos and i don't really look it as paying it forward i really believe it's an actual responsibility we have has bloggers to be honest and true and not citing is just being false in my opinion.

    in any case this blogger i guest posted for did an exceptionally great post on how to track plagiarizers and if you have suspicions i really encourage you to read this:

    good luck! i know how it feels and there are things you can do.

  2. Yikes - sorry to hear that Erin!!

  3. You know exactly how I feel about this and it's why I am a curator and not a creator of DIYs on the internet. In real life I DIY, am an artist and photographer but now I never put up any of my own work on the internet. Since Pinterest I've closed my Flickr account and now I've made all my YouTube videos private. I've found that when things were literally stolen from me that I felt sick and tired - literally. Your tutorials are so well done and so well written and I post tons of links to them on my blog - but I know that offers little comfort when others are taking your ideas - not just modifying them but copying them exactly every week. I love your blog because it has tutorials that real people can do and get the results you get by following your tutorials. I'd be really upset if I was you too.

  4. There are a lot of people to NEED to ride on the coat tails of others bc they in fact lack any and all talent. Maybe you shouldn't sit it out quietly. Maybe you should comment on their posts, nothing negative but enough that they know you are following them as they follow you. It lets them know that you are aware of what they are doing. Maybe it would scare them into stopping. Either way, I am sorry this is happening to you.

  5. I thought I left a comment last night but it's not here!
    This is happening more and more. I'm sorry it happened to you.
    Being a fellow "copycat" myself I agree with your point of view: if you're willing to pay top $$$ for something, you won't be interested into the DIY version, beside: all these DIYs are giving the originals a huge view because we always link back to the purchasing sites where they can be bought.
    I'm blogging for two years and I thought that this could have been a nice community. And it is, except for some snakes that take advantage of other people's work. (a.k.a. thieves) :(
    All I can say: keep up with the good work.
    xox, Donatella

  6. Sorry to hear that. i will reward all thieves with zero traffic.

  7. wow, i just wrote a post with very similar sentiment to this one on my blog. Basically somebody stole an entire diy from me, pictures and all and reposted it onto their very large blog and pretended it was theirs. you can read about it here if you're interested.
    anyway, it discouraged me quite a bit from posting more DIY's for that very reason. At the end of the day though i've decided to keep posting them but with precautions like having my blog logo on the main diy image so if it's stolen it will still be recognized as mine. As far as others doing similar diy projects, it's a tricky subject because i can't tell you how many times i've seen a product and decided i wanted to do a DIY version of it on my blog, only to check pinterest and google first and find out that somebody else has already done it. it's not always because people are copying you...a lot of people are inspired by the same pieces and trends that are currently popular and sometimes it really is just a coincidence. For example, a lot of your projects were on my list of DIY's until i found them on your blog and decided not to do them since they've already been done by you. So, it's not always about people intentionally copying. I know sometimes it totally is, but not always.

  8. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Right on. People who don't want to take the time and effort to credit properly are basically ignoring an ethical issue.


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