February 11, 2013

DIY Studded Folded Leather Clutch

In my day-to-day life, I carry around a bag that's big enough to carry all the essentials from Job A to Job B, plus an iPad (hi homework), lunch, snacks, and whatever else the day requires. All this schlepping makes it a relief for the occasions when I downsize to a small bag for little outings or for evening, and I cannot wait for a chance to take this DIY studded leather bag out on the town. Inspired by this one from Mara Carrizo Scalise, I love the raw and simple look of this DIY leather and spike clutch.

Tools and materials:
6 to 8mm (your choice of size) of cone spikes with screw backs, used about 40 total (word to the wise-- make sure your spikes come with screws in the same tone metal, since the screws will show)
Leather punch
Piece of leather or faux leather at least your desired width of clutch and in length 4 times the of the clutch height. (For a 6 inch tall clutch, I ordered this one that was 12x24 inches)
Paint pen or sewing marker/pencil
Screw driver (not pictured)
E6000 or other super glue (optional)

Begin by squaring up the piece of leather with the ruler and trimming it down to size. I cut mine down to 11x20 inches. I saved the left over leather, trimming it down to thin leather strands.

Measure halfway down the long side of the leather (10 inches, in my case) and mark where you will place the studs. I went for every 1/2 inch.

Repeat on the other long edge of the leather.

 Punch holes along your markings.

Fold the leather in half and use the first set of holes to guide you as you punch the second half of the long edge, making sure the holes line up.

With the leather still folded in half, push the screw through both holes and attach the spikes. If you want to make your spikes extra secure, add a drop of super glue to the screw before attaching the spike and use a screw driver to tighten them up.

Continue to attach screws in all the holds.

On open end of the leather (the spike side up) punch holes for stringing the leftover leather lacing.

Push the laces through the holes and tie in place. You're done!
It perfectly fits my wallet and all the essentials-- I'm so happy with the result!


  1. So easy it looks! I really need a Leather punch really bad now...


  2. Wow, super cool! You are very talanted! Good job Girl!

    Let me know if you are interesting to follow each other on GFC and BLOGLOVIN? I WOULD LOVE IT!

  3. This is so cute, when I'm at the fabric market again I will go and get some leather and try this! I'll let you know how it turns out if I do.

  4. So easy and such a great piece, Erin! Love this :)
    Smart n Snazzy

  5. Love it, I need to try it in faux leather.

    Kristiina @ Typical House Cat

  6. Anonymous9:47 PM

    I bad need a leather punch. This is such a great bag!

  7. My goodness you made that look so easy! I have to make one now!

  8. Super cool. And such patience with those studs.

  9. Precioso increible.

  10. This is so cool! I love it. I really want to try out studs and leather some day.


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