February 20, 2013

DIY Spike and Rhinestone Earrings

I love using up the bits and pieces leftover from previous projects, and this project does just that. Using these Joomi Lim earrings as a model, I used materials from last week's studded leather bag DIY and from these old DIY rhinestone earrings.

Tools and materials:
Small (about 7mm) cone spikes (you can buy the exact ones I used individually here)
Rhinestone chain (this is a good match to the vintage chain I used)
Scrap of leather, or another material to use as base for earrings
Paint to match the color of your metals (optional)
Super glue and toothpick
Earring posts and back

1) Cut out a small circle of leather. 2) Paint and let dry. 3) Add a layer of glue to the leather. 4) Stick a spike in the glue. 5) Wrap rhinestone chain around the spike, add more glue if necessary, and press in place. 6) Trim rhinestone chain. 

Repeat to make second earring and allow glue to dry throughly. Once dry, add on a earring post to the back with glue.


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