February 1, 2013

DIY 3 Ways: Acrylic Trays

How do you corral all your loose odds and ends? For me, I love trays and small dishes. These DIY trays all use basic acrylic as a base, but add punches of gold for a graphic touch. It's a beautiful marriage of form and function. As a bonus, with a pretty tray it's a shame to keep it cluttered, motivating you to keep things tidy!


  1. CUTE. nice ideas. cheers.

  2. Cool. I've been looking for a small DIY to try and this one seems perfect.

  3. nice ideas, that looks so lovely! you can visit my blog


    jessica <3

  4. Thanks for featuring our tray inserts!

    XO, Jenny

  5. These are so cute. I could definitely use something like this, and I love the DIY touches.

  6. These are so nice... when I saw the picture I was like did she use finger nail polish to paint the tray...lol


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