February 7, 2013

DIY Idea: Morse Code Jewelry, take 2

Remember when I posted about DIY Morse code jewelry? Well, it still remains a cool and DIYable way to share your feelings with loved ones this romantic season without having to be overt with pink hearts and arrows. (Anybody else want to skip through all the hearts that are EVERYWHERE?!) Coming from Lulu Frost's line for men, George Frost, these necklaces (and bracelets) use beads to spell out the special message in dots and dashes and would suit guys and gals. All you would need to make your own are beads in two colors, beading string or wire, and a clasp.

Also, a DIY Valentine's gift worthy of a man in your life coming 'atcha tomorrow.

All images Lulu Frost


  1. This has got to be one of the best ideas I ever did see!

  2. I .-.. --- ...- . this idea! I'm inspired to make one too!:)

  3. They are so beautiful perfect for a little valentines present :))
    I would love if you could visit my blog Awkwardly Dancing :)


  4. Very interesting. I like.


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