January 28, 2013

DIY Inspiration: Faux Fur Pom-Poms

As someone who lived in upstate New York, I have to say winter in Washington, D.C. is rather boring.  I miss the snow! Despite the lack flurries here in the district, winter is still the time to channel your inner ski-bunny and have fun with cozy accessories, especially those adorned with faux fur pom-poms. Check out below for a few affordable options, a couple of clever DIY ideas, and a few street style shots. Be back here Wednesday for a new project inspired by these little fur balls!


  1. I've been wanting to make a faux fur pom pom so I can sew it on a beanie... but I have no clue how to make one. This post couldn't come at a better time, it's like you're reading my mind!

  2. I'm loving this trend, too. I work with faux fur so I'm excited to use all the scraps!


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