December 28, 2012

Holiday Hair Inspiration

Now that Christmukkah has come and gone, let's focus on the big night: New Year's Eve. I'm usually such a house cat on New Year's Eve-- staying in with comfy clothes and my boyfriend-- but I'll admit, it's fun to play dress-up, especially with hair. Here's a few shots from the runway and celebrities to inspire you to DIY your own hair accessories. (And in case you missed it, I make some glittery hair barrettes earlier this month over at The Average Girls Guide!)

Kiera Knightly (how-to DIY these here)


  1. Bellissime foto!!!!! i like jennifer lawrence picture
    look my post...

  2. I love adding some bling for New Year's! It would be fun to have long hair for one night just to be able to do Jennifer's cool braid look!

  3. So pretty! The second and third are my favorites!
    Happy new year! xx



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